Monday, November 30, 2015

Post-Thanksgiving Post

I cannot believe it's been 12 days since I blogged!  It seems like I spent every single one of those days running like mad to get something done.

What have I been up to?

  1. Hosted visit from brother and sister-in-law from Washington - the state of.
  2. Hosted visit from brother and sister-in-law from Minnesota.
  3. Did family visiting with all of the above.
  4. Knit a cowl scarf.  One ball of yarn and big needles - not that hard...
  5. Spent a day baking and preparing for Thanksgiving with my two helpers, aged 8 and 14.
  6. Baked for the pre-Thanksgiving pie social at church. 
  7. Attended church and the pre-Thanksgiving pie social at church.
  8. Hosted Thanksgiving. 
  9. Cleaned up after Thanksgiving.
  10. Did some simple stitching on a couple of fleece projects.
  11. Made some no-sew fleece scarves.  This involved a rotary cutter.  And a band aid.
  12. Took a family shopping trip to the Columbus WI Antique Mall.
  13. Cleaned out my basement storage area
  14. Located the cords to my serger while cleaning.
  15. Started sewing on dolls Christmas dresses.
  16. Oh yes, I did work two days last week too!
Whew, no wonder I'm tired.  I actually felt like coming back to work today was a vacation!

Cowl, knit with one ball of very cool yarn, can't remember where I got it and the label was missing.

Here are my latest sewing room projects.

 I got a small piece of fleece in a donated bag that had shoes on it.  I cut a large slice the width of the fabric, trimmed the edges and called it a winter scarf.  There was a chunk left over so I made myself a neck warmer.  The top was hemmed, so all I did was cut a slit.  Viola, neck warmer!

A neck warmer for inside my winter coat.

You cut a small slit, slide the other end through the slit and it stays put without tying.  I love the print.
There was still a small piece left, five inches wide at one end and about seven at the other...

I measured enough to go from one end of the hanger I wanted to cover to the other.  The strip is about five inches wide, and ended up about 15 to 16 inches long.  The strip should be cut with the stretch going from end to end, although this will work the other way.  It just goes on better if you cut 'horizontally'... with the greatest stretch across the long edge.

I folded the strip in half, and made a small cut - about a half inch long - on the fold.  That is where you stick the hook portion of the hanger.

Fold wrong sides together, and stitch both short ends as shown.  I used about a half inch seam allowance.
Turn right side out and insert the hanger.  This cover will keep your slippery clothes from sliding off the hanger and ending up on the closet floor.  Make pretty ones to give as gifts.  You could even use a double layer if you were trying to make a padded hanger.

Hanger cover.  Excuse the taped cardboard tube, normally I toss wire hangers out.  This works on plastic too.

Sew on...

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