Friday, September 18, 2015

National Sewing Month

Did you know that September was National Sewing Month?

Back in 1982 then-President Ronald Reagan declared September "National Sewing Month" in recognition of the contribution that sewing has made to our country.  Since then, the Home Sewing Association which started things rolling has morphed into the Sewing and Craft Alliance, the American Sewing Guild, and many other organizations that promote the art of sewing in America and the world.

Of course everyone knows about DIY shows on TV, although there aren't as many as there have been, the reality shows where people design and sew clothing and home dec items, and of course the ubiquitous YouTube channels promoting everything from a to z with stops at beading, quilting, and hemming your children's jeans.

Personally I love YouTube videos.  Want to know how to cut bias binding?  Or sew the binding on by machine?  Maybe you don't know how to cut pieces for an Ohio Star... or how to shorten a skirt.  You can find a dozen or more how-to videos on anything you want to do.  People like Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Company and Nancy Zieman of Sewing with Nancy fame have their own channels, along with about a zillion others.

The other day I wanted to find a video that might play the words and melody of a song that was running not very successfully through my head.  You know, how you remember the first three lines but the rest of it goes "da da da da da dum dum dum"...  So I googled the first line, and there were at least ten different versions of someone singing that song all the way through, some with the lyrics on the screen.

Ah, I can sleep at night again, knowing it's there when I need it.

So celebrate National Sewing Month -- there are 12 more days left.  Sew something fun.  Sew something for someone else.  Admire someone else's work.  Whatever works for you.

Sew on...

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