Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's Tuesday Again. Where Does the Time Go??


My son's birthday was a week or so ago.  His name is Kevin, but you see on the cake hat the name is Keith.  I think that's some kind of a private joke between some friends but with him you can never be too sure.  He might have told someone his name is Keith just for fun.  Or not, as the case may be.

Anyway, I grabbed this pic off his Facebook page because my grandson is just so cute in it.  I'm always talking about the girls, sometimes the only boy gets left out.

This past week we had quilting at church.  One of the ladies brought her sister-in-law and the SIL's trunk show.  Wendy has won ribbons at the state fair for work so gorgeous that we could only drool in envy.  These three photos were on my FB page.  Of course the other pictures are on a device with a dead battery.  Maybe tomorrow I'll show the rest...

This wall hanging commemorates Haley's Comet in 1986.  Can you see it flying across the dark night sky in silver lame?

This pillow was made with small squares of polyester and makes a groovy accessory!

This is a doll quilt Wendy made to match the one you can just see on the table that was her daughter's.   Both were exquisitely quilted.
We have a bunch of UFOs to complete next month.  I brought this top home.  It was given to us in pieces already cut out, but no pattern.  Bonnie put the blocks together and the resulting flimsy was too narrow.  I'm trying to extend it asymmetrically.  First I tried five inch squares but the proportions were not right.  So I recut all the squares into 2.5 inch blocks and started over. 
I need something to tie the whole thing together, some kind of outer border.  Either that or it has to come apart and be rearranged.
Nah, not that!!

Sew on...

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