Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Princess and the Little Quilt - Episode 2

For those of you following the Princess stories:
The Little Quilt had a terrible accident this week.  The Princess left her Putty on her desk.  It was not in the cup it came in, but spread out in a lovely green pool on a piece of paper.  She lost track of what she was doing, and laid the little quilt down.  She didn't realize it was on the putty until she went to find it later, when she missed it.
Oh no!  Now the little quilt had several large areas that were covered with green putty.
Her mother tried putting the little quilt in the freezer, to see if she could pick the putty out.  Then she rubbed it with ice, like you do with gum if it gets stuck somewhere, like your hair.
It didn't freeze at all.  The mother said "ask your grandmother if she has any ideas".
The grandmother knew as soon as she saw the Princess' face that the accident was terrible.  The quilt had three large green globs, and it smelled funny.
"I can pick some of it off, but we need help" she said.  Just then the grandpa came in.  "I think maybe Goo-Gone might help" he said.
Sure enough, it worked!  But now the little quilt smelled even funnier.  Everyone was sad.
"I can fix that too!" said the grandpa.  "I have some magic beads that make everything smell nice after a washing."
When the little quilt was done in the washing machine, the grandpa put it in the dryer with his magic beads.  When it was dry, the green stains were gone and the funny smell was too! 
The little quilt was clean and fresh again.  Everyone was happy.

Probably not the end of the story....

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