Tuesday, June 16, 2015

UFO Update

I know without a doubt that I have too much stash. I probably don't need to buy another shred of fabric or another zipper or another hank of elastic ever. 


I also know that for a confessed fabraholic, need rarely enters into the acquisition of anything.  I sometimes think I could find a perfectly adequate combination of fabrics if I just stopped being so fussy about the right green or the right blue, but what would be the fun of that?

I found a piece of flag fabric that might do with the red/white/blue UFO from yesterday's post.  The center has a lot of navy and a small amount of lighter blue.  The flag has a lighter blue.  Not great up close but with a small beige inner border, not bad:

Here are some other things I'm working on to use up all the bits and pieces.

I saw this idea in a modern quilt magazine... these two panels would make two quilts.  You find a solid or something that looks like a solid, the length must equal the length of the pieced panel.  Then you cut it lengthwise, at approximately 18 inches.  You now have two pieces, 18" by length of panel, and 25-27" by length of panel.  The panel goes in the center.  Viola!  Modern quilt.
Sadly, my stash of pinks is all small pieces.  <sigh>  A shopping trip is in my future.  At least I can come up with some acceptable backing choices!

I used the two inch strips in my bin to make strip sets for the chevron quilt I did a while back.  A year (or two?) ago I made two quilts using the "Jacks" pattern above for a lady at work who was having twins. The same sized pieces were used in both quilts.  I had leftovers of each.  Ergo, more Jacks. This one just needs a wildly colored border.  I have that chosen, I just need to decide on a style.  The back is going to be green.  Green goes with anything!

This panel is leftover bits from my daughter's quilt -- blue strings on the left, and blue and brown Friendship Stars on the right.  The plan is to make more panels and add them with a plain strip between ever addition.  As long as they're blue or brown, and the same length, they should work.  The actual quilt will have the strips going horizontally, but I can't get the picture to rotate.
This panel operates under the theory of 'if I sew them together, they go together'.

This doesn't even make a small dent in the stash pile, but it does clear out about a third of the UFOs.  Wish me luck.
Sew on...

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