Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Knitting and Sewing

This past Saturday we had our church quilting guild meeting.  Once again this year we will be sewing quilts for the Little Lambs preschool four year old graduation celebration.

2014 quilt - jelly beans and lots of colors.
Last year, I told you about doing that quilt at the 11th hour, and how stressful that is to throw something together at the last minute.  This year, we contacted the director and asked if the quilt project was in our future again.  Wonder of wonders, there are TWO classes this year, and no sewing moms or grandmoms to be seen in either class.  So I am SOOO glad we asked.

I actually pressed some of the other ladies into service to assist.  They didn't need MUCH pressing though.  We love to actually sew together.

This year the teacher organized the handprints into two groups, one green and purple and one pink and blue.  Boys got to use blue and green paint, girls used pink and purple.  Fitting since little girls LOVE pink and purple!

We actually had fabric in our stash that coordinated very well.  You can see Chris working on sewing the sashing and cornerstones to the first group.  You don't see Suzi squaring up the handprints (made on muslin) or Shirley and Bonnie pressing, or me doing the layout, supervised by Barb.  Chris is a fairly new quilter and she was fascinated by the process of layout.

I took it home to finish it up, and we'll layer them this weekend.  Then Suzi will have a couple of weeks to do the quilting.  Not that she will need it, I'm sure.  She always over delivers!

Sunday night after supper I did some knitting.  One of the kits that was in the inherited stash box was for dishcloths, made from Sugar and Cream cotton yarn.  I love small projects that work up fast, and my guilt over having gotten such wonderful bounty was working on me, so I put aside the sweater and pulled out the kit.

Here is the first one done. 

Finished project and left over yarn.  Might make another...

This fancy dish cloth is a good way to practice a fancy pattern.  It's about 9 inches square.
When the first one was done, I pulled out a cute pattern I found on Ravelry for knitted bangles.  They take about 15 yards of worsted weight yarn, so they're a great use of your left-over bits and bobs of pretty colors.

I haven't shown them to the girls yet.  Who knows if they'll actually like them.  I put three on, and they warm your wrists up nicely.  If you get cold in the winter (or fall or spring) you might want to consider these!

I did six altogether. 

Sew on...

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