Monday, April 27, 2015

Preschool Quilt

I finished up the Little Lambs quilts over the weekend, working Friday night and a part of Saturday.  I got them pressed, made bindings and hanging sleeves, and put them in plastic bags with their respective backings.  On Sunday I took them to church intending to give them to Suzi for quilting, but she's got pneumonia!  And she's taking it easy this week, only going to work four days instead of five... lol!

Since Suzi is obviously under the weather, Barb volunteered to take one of the quilts home to finish.  I asked her which she'd like, and she said "the purple one"... so purples and greens went home with her.    The other one will go to Suzi when she feels just a little better.

I had eleven squares, so I filled the blank one with a lamb.  At least I hope it looks like a lamb!

Wow, funny how those stripes appear in this picture...
Sent this one home with Barb for her to quilt...

The rest of the weekend was spent baking and knitting.  Miss A came over to help make heart shaped cookie pops.

We filled the special pans with dough and added the sticks, then baked.

You have to clean up after yourself...

The verdict was "Yum".

We wrapped the rest and she took some home for the family.
Here's what to look for if you want to make some of your own heart shaped cookie treats!

Bake on...

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