Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ooops! Fixing a Knitting Blunder

So you know how sometimes life gets in the way of what you're doing?  I think this story might be like that.
Someone who shall remain nameless (but it isn't me) was knitting a child's sweater while watching TV or something.  I have knitted this sweater at least a dozen times so I know how this can happen!
The sweater has a hood and zips up the back.  You start at the face edge, knit the hood, then you bind off.  You fold the hood, pick up stitches at the sides and join the sides to make the face opening.
I don't know how clear it is in this picture, but this person flipped the pieces when picking up the neck stitches, so the face edge is okay on the right side and flipped on the left.
She was having trouble on the sleeve cables and frog stitched one sleeve a couple of times.  It finally came together.  Almost.
The edge on the left is actually the face edge, the diagonal down the center should be at the center back, not the center front.

Wrong way.
Right way.

Normally I do the hand picked zipper when she's done with the sweater because she hates doing the zipper and I don't mind.

She showed me what happened and was really upset with herself for doing this.  I sympathized!!  Who would want to frog stitch the whole dang sweater???

ME:   What I would do if it was mine would be to clip the picked up stitches, turn the hood the right way, and use the mattress stitch to put it back together.

SHE:  OK, here you go.

ME:  Oh boy.  I was wondering what I was going to do with all my leisure time...

Actually this didn't turn out to be such a bad task.  FINDING the picked up stitches might have been the hardest part.  But since I would be separating a bound off edge from the top edge of the neck band, I was pretty sure it wouldn't unravel.

I put the neck band on waste yarn with a big yarn needle.  That's the light purple you see in the photos.  I cut at the center and unraveled the picked up stitches.  Then I flipped the hood the right way and pinned it to the neck band again.

Now all I need to do is stitch the pieces back together, block the sweater and sew in the zipper.

Piece of cake.

I should be able to knock this off while watching Jeopardy tonight!

Knit on...