Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer School 2014

My smallest granddaughter is attending summer school this year.  There are four four-day weeks, the first one was last week.  She went to Writer's Workshop.  She said they made wood, but I think they made paper... and learned how pencils are made and did some creative writing.  She's between first and second grades, so I'm not sure how complex they get in four days.

This week she came to see me before school for items from my recycling bin.  They're working on art projects from recycled items.  I didn't have much because hubby empties the recycling bin on a regular basis and the trash was picked up last Friday.

She had a bag filled with toilet paper tubes and tissue boxes and other things.  I contributed a soda can and a plastic bottle and two magazines.

I was going to get her some fabric scraps but I didn't have time and her bag was pretty full.  I can't wait to see what she brings home!

Maybe tonight I'll dig out that bag of tiny balls of yarn too small to use anywhere else!

Craft on...