Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I was sitting at my desk at home last night, thinking about how I've gotten into a rut...  it's good to have a routine, but when does it go from healthy, organized routine to stuck in a rut?

I get used to doing the same things the same way, and that's nice, like putting on comfortable shoes, or visiting a friend you've had for a long time.

But sometimes I get bored.  I want something different.  This morning I was having my first cup of tea and visiting my usual blogs.  Reading about Judy's chickens always makes me smile, and I love Rita's take on just about anything.  There are great quilting and sewing inspirations to be had, and I love looking at the knitting progress.

Some of my favorites write every day or nearly so.  It feels like catching up with a friend.  But what do you do when someone you're used to catching up with stops posting?

Rita had some family emergencies, and she posted that she was taking a 'blog break'.  I sent her my sympathies and told her I was keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.  We all have had those times when we just didn't feel like talking to anyone.  We need those rest periods.

One of my other 'daily visit' blogs hasn't had a posting since June 8 or so.  I worry.  This person has a job and family and I'm not part of that, but I miss reading about her and what she's doing.  Dang it!  I want to know what's going on!  Should I be concerned, or is she just on a world tour??

Ha... you know that old saying "It's none of your business".  Hard to take.  I miss her.  What's she doing?

Time to get a life, you say?  You bet!

It's not like I don't have things to do either. 

I have been wanting to make myself some new summer pants for months.  I have scheduled myself to be in two craft fairs in the fall, selling my doll clothes.  I have expenses to organize and submit for things I did six months ago.  I should schedule a couple of doctor appointments for check ups.  Why do I care whether people post daily or not??


I guess the routine has turned into the rut.  I need to shake things up, get on another track.

Tracks.  I should walk more.  Maybe lack of exercise is causing lack of oxygen which is causing brain rot.  Get moving!

I'm going to take my own advice today and take a walk at lunchtime.  I hope.  If the phone doesn't ring at noon and if I don't answer it.

Rock on!