Thursday, June 12, 2014

Knitting Project in Process

There are a bunch of blogs and web sites that I check frequently that have user updates on what's 'on the needles', what's going into and out of the stash of both yarn and fabric.  At one point I thought I would do that too.

Hmmmm... not working well so far!

I've blogged about the yarn shop the Loopy Ewe in Colorado.  I bought this yarn a couple of weeks ago:

It was so pretty the colors really popped while it was twisted up like that!  The teal is very prominent, as is the red/coral/purple section.  It actually looks black but up close it's more purple.

I read about (and blogged a bit about) Camp Loopy too.  Camp Loopy started June 1.  You have to knit something with 400 yards of yarn you bought at the Loopy Ewe between June 1 and June 30.  I didn't officially sign up for camp, but I thought I'd work unofficially, just to see if I could finish a 400 yard project in that amount of time.

I started late, June 6.  I picked a pattern for a pair of socks that appeared to be pretty easy.  I've knit at lease one pair of socks in the past two years, so I thought I could do it.  This yarn is a sport weight, the recommended needles are a size 3 US.

I read about knitting two socks at one time using one big circular needle.  It's called the magic loop.method and it didn't LOOK too hard... there are some You Tube videos out there, and Knitting Daily has a tutorial.  Just Google 'sock knitting magic loop method'. I actually bought a book on the subject too, if I could just find it.

Evidently I can't follow You Tube directions or something because my cast-on didn't look like this picture from Knitting Daily!  I knit several rows and it felt clunky.  It messed up my tension too.  So I went back to one-at-a-time sock knitting using double pointed needles.

Here is what that first sock looks like on the needles.  As far as the color goes, I see the teal and I see the coral.  White's there too... but somehow I've lost the feel of what it looks like in the hank.  Time will tell!

So stash report is:

How many yards I started with this year:        No idea, maybe a gazillion.
Used so far:    Oh, was I supposed to be keeping track???
Purchased this year:   Um, let's see, seven or eight skeins from  Loopy Ewe, six or eight more from a Michaels trip, two more last week from Joann's...

OK.  Just forget the stash report.  It's not that important until my house starts bulging at the seams.  Besides, then I'd have to admit to myself that I just love having the stuff around!  Remember, people, I am a process person, not a project person.

Ah, well, knit on...