Monday, June 9, 2014

Growing Up -- Too Fast For Me!

How do you go from this:
To this:

in just one year?  Well, actually I guess it was more like a year and a half between kindergarten and birthday number 7.

My youngest grand had a birthday last week, and we celebrated all week long.  The actual day was a weekday, but the party was on Saturday.

We went to one of those places in the mall where they have the big inflated bouncy affairs, slides and trees and cars to climb, jump on and fall out of, plus many other video kinds of games that require quarters and a big 'tornado' booth that would blow your hair around for 15 seconds for $2.

As birthday parties go, it's not a bad way to do things.  The kids run around and scream.  Oh yeah.  Girls especially.  My ears are still ringing.  Then someone brings in pizza and soda.  Everyone eats.  More screaming.  Then someone brings in cake and ice cream.  MORE screaming!!  Then presents!  MORE screaming!!!  Two hours after you start everyone goes home exhausted and someone ELSE cleans up.  Ahhhh, great idea.

What did you say again?  My ears are still ringing...

Happy birthday Miss A.  I can't believe you're not that little baby anymore. 

And yes, Gramma is going to get busy and make your new dolls a few outfits.

Sew on!