Friday, January 10, 2014


Tomorrow my sister will be getting married in Tennessee. I wish I was able to be there, but the winter is long, driving is horrible, and money is tight.

There she is, lower right.  Pretty even at ten or so.
She was married before, and I missed those other two weddings too. The first one was when she was very young and in the military. I saw pictures and she was a beautiful bride, but I wasn't lucky enough to be there.

The second time she got married she was also in the military. She was stationed in Germany for a while. I was home with two little kids and didn't do much traveling, and I don't know if I knew she got married at that time or not. Regardless, I didn't go.

This time she's having a small, casual ceremony, and I'm sure she will have many friends and well-wishers who will either attend or wish her well after.

Random picture from the internet...

It's something you always think about -- your sister's wedding. She's my only sister if you don't count my sewing sisters and the sisters of my heart. She was in my wedding - the prettiest bridesmaid I had. I made her dress. Lime green sateen - it was the 70's after all!

NOT my wedding pictures!!
I love weddings. Doesn't matter whose, you know. I always cry. The ceremonies are always beautiful and hopeful. Two people pledging to stay together forever, through thick and thin, good and bad. So positive it will work out. I even cry at weddings on TV, make believe weddings in movies, all that jazz.

I'm crying just looking at this photo.
Saturday I'll have to set aside a little time to think about Gail and Mickie, wish them well, cry a little and be hopeful.

Be happy, Gail!

Sew on...