Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Joy of Winter

Oh the merry joys of winter, especially in the Midwest!

Since the Polar Vortex has been visiting, we've been enjoying below normal to nearly record low temperatures.  Even being near the Big Pond hasn't been the usual insulator.  There's been a lot of below zero wind chill (something I would much rather NOT know about).  Somehow it's so much colder when you hear '25 below' than '1 above', although anything below 60 is unbearable to me lately, so I'm not sure why.

Today, we reached 17 degrees.  Above zero!  It was nearly a heat wave.  I had on so many layers of clothing that it took an extra five minutes to put myself back together every time I had to visit the facilities.

One of the project managers I support 'had' to go to Florida today.  Yeah, I know, poor fella... 

He called me from the airport because flights were being cancelled.  Seems that the deicing methods weren't working too well at 6 degrees above zero this morning.  Combine that with delays from other parts of the country and that made four hour delays and overbooked flights the norm.

What could I do?  Not that I was feeling much sympathy for him.  Poor guy...

I booked him a flight out of Chicago instead, and suggested he get his baggage onto the Airport Shuttle, which is a large bus that runs between Milwaukee and the two Chicago airports.  Enjoy the ride, buddy, while I sit in the parking lot tonight waiting for the gauge in my car to move off "C".

Brrrr.  I am thinking about making myself a fleece maxi-skirt and fleece fingerless mittens to wear in my office.

Or not.

Fleece is not exactly the fashion statement I wish to make at the office this week.  Although I am SO TIRED of being cold or being over-dressed!

I totally get why people become snowbirds.  Hot flashes notwithstanding, winter in the Midwest can be the pits.

Until it snows and the neighborhood looks like a photo from Currier and Ives.  :-)  Then it seems nice, at least while the snow stays clean and unmarked.

Let's all remember this time when it's August and the very thought of movement makes us perspire.

"Man is a fool, when it's hot he wants it cool.
When it's cool, he wants it hot,
Always wanting what is not."

Grandma, you were so right.

Sew on!