Friday, January 24, 2014

New Projects

Yesterday when I opened Blogger to post, what I had in mind to talk about wasn't what I posted. Does that ever happen to you, you intend to do one thing, then do another?

I spent time with the grands over the holidays when I was off work. We did fun stuff like baking and crafts. One of the things that Miss A loves to do is color. Her mom doesn't enjoy the smell of crayons, so she colors a lot with markers at home, and more with crayons at my house.

I love crayons. In September when school supplies are everywhere, I just can't fight the urge to purchase a new box. Most of the time I buy the biggest box I can find. The more colors the better, right?

That used to be 64 but now it's 96.

OH HO!  Turns out it's not...  witness the Crayon Ultimate Collection, when did they come up with this?? I want one. NOW!
(Sorry the picture is so little, if it's larger it gets pixalated!)

One of the things we do with these lovelies is to make a picture of colors.  My mom used to do this with my younger siblings -- she said it exercised the imagination. Here's the plan: you take a large piece of blank paper and draw a doodle, crossing lines and filling the page with an outline.  Then you start to color each space.  You can make a pattern or what is the most fun for me is to use a different color for each space.

I like to play with the colors so they go from one spot to another, or they flow from blue to green to whatever.  This is one I did with A and we used the markers she made with her Christmas gift, plus the other markers we had around the house.  January in Wisconsin seems to be calling out for color.  It's either white, gray or black here this time of year.  I was thinking about how I could translate this into fabric for either a wall hanging or a quilt top.  It would involve a lot of fussy cutting, but wouldn't it be fun? 
Maybe I should think smaller... place mats?

Oh, the choices!

Sew on...