Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Project Runway -- He Did WHAT??

OK I've seen divas and bride-zillas and just plain queens but last Thursday's Project Runway just blew me away!

If you watched, you know what I mean.  Sandro, the contestant who's originally from Russia, had an absolute hissy fit, gave the middle finger nearly everyone, was bleeped more times than I can count, lashed out physically at a camera and stalked off after he was SAFE for another week!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he blew up and took himself right out of the running.  Wow... really?  Because he doesn't know what they want from him.  How about original designs buddy?

You were safe, you moron, and you threw a fit, screamed at everyone and QUIT??

Well, nothing he designed really thrilled anyone, he was sort of mediocre in a flamboyant kind of way, but still, if you worked so hard to get anywhere would you just quit?  He was arrogant, misogynistic and of course he felt threatened by the talent and misunderstood by the judges.  His body language just screamed -- angry man!  Best gone.

And later, when he came back and pseudo-apologized, well, I guess I can't say I'm sorry to see him leave.  Still when you read the comments, there are people who loved him and will miss him.  Oh well, as my mom used to say, there's no accounting for taste.

I've been watching with interest the two designers from Milwaukee.  Timothy went to school in Syracuse NY, and Miranda attended the University of Wisconsin.  I don't know, neither one did a thing to make me go oooh... He's gone, and she is just a mean girl.

The two from Milwaukee -- and this is what they came up with.  Ugh!
I know, it makes for good TV, right?

My money is on Braden, Kate and Jeremy  making it to the end.I like Dom's work too.  I think Ken is so-so and it wouldn't surprise me to see him go.

Didn't you love this, made by Kate and Helen from straw hats of all things?

Jeremy's dress from the carnival materials.
OMG I am hooked again!  You know I stopped watching in Season 8 when the judges were all whacked out.  I swore I was done!!

And that's why my mom always said you shouldn't swear.

Sew on!