Sunday, July 14, 2013

Do You Know This Bird?

This afternoon my hubby said "hey, do you want to see a strange bird on our patio?"

OK, sure.  We have lots of birds in the yard.  We have a feeder and a birdbath, and we like to listen to them and watch them come to eat.

This bird is one I have not seen before... it stood very still on the patio, very nearly motionless for about three minutes.   The air conditioner was on and the sliding door was closed, so I didn't think he could hear me.  I grabbed my cell phone and moved slowly toward the patio door.  I took a couple of snaps through the screen door side.  The bird moved ahead a couple of steps.

I moved over to the side without the screen, to get a picture not distorted by the mesh of the screen. 

The girls were waiting for DH to open the pool, and we didn't think this guy was going to be getting to the birdbath any time soon, so he opened the back door and the bird flew up into the tree.

Strange bird for sure!

I did some internet research, I believe this is an American Bittern.  It's a relatively common bird in Wisconsin, although never in my back yard!

Sew on!