Monday, July 15, 2013

Becca Sews

I've talked before about my Friday night sewing sisters... actually they're aunties and cousins and such.  We meet lots of Fridays at one of the aunties' homes, and sometimes we sew, other times we plan or talk or eat or comfort each other as needed.

Last Friday, one of the little girls decided to come to "sewing", and she had a project to complete.  She's 9, so she can reach the petal of the machine and she isn't afraid of the actual act of machine stitching.  This is always a plus!

She wanted to make a quilt for a baby gift for someone in the family.  I'm not saying who, so you can be surprised.  Anyway, she came with her little project bag and asked if we would help her sew.

Nancy showed her how to use a rotary cutter, and helped her even out the edges of the panel she had found.  They cut some border pieces from her other fabric.  She pinned the borders on with Nancy and Grandma helping.  Then she sat down to sew.  With the aid of a quarter inch sewing machine foot, she added the borders.  Grandma turned the speed down to low so she had time in the sewing for adjusting the fabric feeding in.  I showed her how to press, but she did most of the pressing herself.

Grandma and others then helped her layer backing, batting and top for sewing together using the Eleanor Burns 'birthing' method.  She sewed the layers together with only a bit of help.  After she turned it, Aunt Amy did a little free motion quilting around the fairy to hold the layers together. 

Here she is with her finished product.  Can you think of the last itme you've seen a bigger smile?

She says even when she gets to be a teenager and the other girls want to go do other things, she will STILL want to come to sewing night!

I believe that this little girl has the bug, and I'll bet she goes on to wonderful things!

Sew on, Becca!