Monday, April 29, 2013

Sewing with Nancy 2013

I'm getting ready to take the annual trek to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, for Nancy's Notions Sewing Weekend.  Tickets are purchased, the suitcase is ready, and I've done the mapquest for my hotels.  Oh yes, this year I am staying overnight instead of coming home every evening and driving the 90 miles back every morning.  The cost of gas is less than the cost of a hotel room, but the time in the car is less.

This year, my favorite Midwest Ya-Ya Sisters, Rita Farro and Mary Mulari, are doing an evening presentation of their new wrap patterns on Thursday night.  They are always a total hoot when they get on stage together.  I cannot wait to see them this year!

I'm taking a friend from work with me, a NNSW virgin on top of it!  I consider it my responsibility to infect as many people as possible with the sewing virus and hope they are never cured...

I was both sad and happy to hear that Mark Lipinski couldn't make it this year.  Sad because I wouldn't see his two daytime seminars to hear all about his take on quilting, but happy that the reason he couldn't make it was that he's finally gotten his kidney transplant.  But Eleanor Burns is filling in, and there are lots of things to do there, even if you don't sign up for a class.

So spring is trying to make an appearance in Wisconsin this weekend.   The weather is good so far, and although it might not be 65 and sunny all weekend, at least it won't be 32 and snowing!

Come on over to Beaver Dam if you get the chance...  Once again Nancy is throwing me a huge birthday party.  I've got my birthday money in my hot little hand and my catalog all marked and my list made.  Maybe I'll see you at the warehouse!

Sew on...

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