Monday, April 29, 2013

Hand Print Quilt 2013

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Southeastern Wisconsin... in fact it was a gorgeous weekend.  The first one we've had all year, I think.  No rain, no snow, just sunshine and warm air.

I spent some time after church preparing my Purple Heart pickup, straightening out my closets and cupboards.  My version of spring cleaning -- Spring Cleaning Lite.

On Sunday afternoon, I had a project to finish for the church's preschool -- same as last year but different as my sister used to say.  Every year when the 4 year olds are studying the letter Q, they make painted hand prints on muslin.  The teacher writes their names on the squares, and they ask for a volunteer from the moms and grandmoms to make a quilt.  It gets raffled off on graduation day.

For several years I've been stepping in when there is no 'class quilter', finishing up the quilt in time for the last day at the end of May.  This year, they had TWO classes that didn't have a class quilter.  I volunteered our quilt group to finish up both of them.

This is Reese's hand print on muslin.  It's interesting to see the size of the little hands. For reference, the squares were cut down to 7 inches finished.  And there are some right hands and a few lefties.  I don't know how they decided which hand to use. 
This class used three colors: green, orange and blue.  I found a piece of fabric in our stash with stars that made a great sashing.  We dug around some more and found a nice green for borders.  The quilt will be backed with green and bound with stars.

This is the finished top hanging on my design wall.  I will layer it, someone else will quilt and bind it.
The second quilt has hands in pink, purple and yellow.  We found purple for sashing, and some floral for borders.  Someone else finished that one up.  I'll post a picture of that when it's done.  That one only has 16 hand prints so it's square rather than rectangular.
These are so cute I might have to make one for the family... hmmm, what a project that would make for the grands.  I'd only have to have them make FOUR sets of prints.  I'll put that on my 'to do' list.

Sew on!

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