Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Water Color Wonders

Here's what's on my "design wall" today...

A LOOOONNNNGGG time ago I bought a pack of floral 2 inch squares labeled "Water Color Wonders" with the intent of making a wall hanging of some sort, it was when doing color gradations was all the rage.  The darling grands played with the squares a couple of months ago, 'sorting' and generally playing with the colors, kind of like an I Spy kit.  That brought it out of the drawer at least!  It probably hadn't seen the light of day in many moons.

So as long as they had it sorted, I grabbed it up and while watching my taped reruns of The Gilmore Girls last weekend, I started sewing them into pairs, then into fours, and then into 16 patch blocks.  My intent was to get them sewn together before the fraying got out of control.  But I kind of liked the resulting block combinations.

I think some of the squares are from another batch of cutting, because they don't all have that "kit" feeling, and there are some geometrics mixed in.  I pulled out the obvious mis-matches, like the bright kiddie prints, and added a few cuts from the scrap box.  I still need to final the layout, and taking the photo helped.  When you have that many little pieces, sometimes they stand out more when you snap a picture rather than look at them 'live'.    And I need one more block, so it's back to the 2 inch bin for 16 more squares.

This is not a true charm quilt in process -- I did notice that there are at least two fabrics that have been duplicated, although with different chunks of the prints you don't notice unless you really look closely.

Might get this finished next week, with a couple of extra days off work.  If I can get it quilted, I have a spot in my upstairs hall that is just begging for an art piece!

Sew on!

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