Monday, February 11, 2013

Weather or Not...

Here in Wisconsin we have a saying, we have three seasons:  June, July and Winter.  This winter has been kind of crazy!  Last winter was one of very minimal snowfall, and then of course in the non-winter months we suffered a drought.  So the winter of 2011-2012 was a 'snow drought'.

The Water Resources engineers were all bemoaning the lack of snow, saying it was going to affect groundwater in the spring, impact fishing and farming.  Shoulda listened!  They were right.  (I don't like to admit it when they are...)

This year it's been feast or famine.  Christmas Eve was cold but not snowy.  The guys wrangling the donkey at our live nativity service did have an outdoor fire but they didn't get wet and soggy.

We celebrated a record long streak without measurable snow this year -- 288 days on December 15.  I looked at historical climatic data from the 1990-2000 period and our high was 50 inches in 2000.  The average for the year is 46-48 inches.   Last year we got 30.

I like snow in the winter.  DH says that is because I don't have to shovel.  There's probably some truth to that.  I did shovel when I was younger but since the arthur-itis hit my hands I don't do it anymore.

This is what I saw on the way to work last Friday, the day after the 'big storm'.

I worked from home on Thursday, and by Friday morning we had gotten about 8 or 9 inches in my neighborhood.  Nothing like what they got in Boston on Friday, but I am happy that it finally looks like Winter in Wisconsin is supposed to look!

It's raining today.  That will put a nice crust of ice on the roads... hmmm, also a Wisconsin tradition!

Drive carefully.  Sew on.

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