Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hooded Baby Sweater Project!

I learned to knit when I was a teenager, back in the dark ages if you ask my grands!  I love simple projects that work up quickly with soft and supple yarns on good sized needles.  If you ask me how many UFOs I have in my knitting, I refuse to tell you...

However, I did manage to finish one from last winter because I wanted to make a new one from the same pattern and I needed the needles!

Sorry for the sideways photo... Grrr...  Tilt your head to the left a bit.  There you go!

This little wonder was knitted with about a skein and a quarter of some Red Heart variegated worsted weight yarn on number 8 needles.  You'll note that I didn't change needle sizes when I did the lower ribbing on the sleeves and bottom.  I don't know why, I just didn't read the pattern closely I guess.

It has a zipper down the back.  The cool thing is that you lay the baby on his or her back, put the sweater on, turn him/her over and zip down the back.  No struggling over the head, no zipper pinching the little chin.  Sorry, there's not much you can do about arm wrestling, they will flail around while you try to dress them no matter what!

I lost the magazine somewhere among the UFOs when things got moved at Christmas.  Lucky for me I had made a copy to put into a sleeve protector to store with the project.  I had marked it up with the instructions for the medium size and highlighted the first increase row where you place the markers.  Otherwise I would not have the pattern.

This one is in progress...

 I did remember to change needle sizes here.  I just have to pick up the sleeve stitches and finish, then block and add the zipper.

This one is completely done.  I actually used left-overs from previous projects.  It turned out cute!

Honestly!!  It was NOT upside down when I took the picture.  Sometimes Blogger hates me.  Sorry for the inconvenience but I can't get it to stay rotated.

Anyway, knit on!

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