Sunday, September 16, 2012


I need to buy some new shoes.

OK, what woman in the history of the species has not had that thought around, oh, 50 or so times a year?  Most of us love shoes.

Dorothy wouldn't give up her ruby slippers for anything, causing the Wicked Witch of the West to chase her and in the end wind up melted.

I never was one for high heels (these look like ankle breakers!) and probably went for a 2 to 2 1/4 inch heel at the best of times, except for one prom where I wore mint green shoes to match a formal, and nearly gave up life on the walk from the parking lot to the ballroom... but that was when I was much younger!

About 15 years ago I tripped over a sleeping dog and broke a toe on my left foot.  Fast forward to about three years ago and I developed Morton's Neuroma in that foot.  The podiatrist says it might be from the foot injury.  So now I have this uncooperative foot that refuses to be comfortable in anything but a flat.

That's OK, there are plenty of cute flats, right?  I've been buying a shoe called Audrey from for a couple of years.  Very basic, pump with round toes and about a 1/2 inch heel, comes in a  lot of colors.  I had navy, cream, red, black, teal and yellow over the years.  The only problem is that the sole is so thin I can feel the cracks in the sidewalk through them.

I picked up two pairs of sandals that were fine when I first bought them, but for some odd reason the straps across the back don't stay on my heels anymore.  I walk a few feet and they flop down.  This pulls down on the backs of my slacks and annoys me.

Maybe I can start a new trend in office wear...

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