Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Tasks

Now that I've completed the dreaded TAXES there are some follow up errands to take care of.  Once a year I review my 401K status and make sure that I have the right amount of life insurance.  I also make an appointment to see my OB/GYN for the annual exam and mammogram.

IF YOU ARE A WOMAN AND YOU ARE READING THIS, I strongly suggest that you be good to yourself and make that appointment to see your Dr. for an annual exam if you haven't already done so.  Catch anything early!  I do it at the same time every year because my doc doesn't send reminders.  Making the appointment after the taxes are done helps me remember to do it.

OK, getting off the soapbox now.  But seriously, take care of yourself!!

Another spring errand involves buying myself some new 'unmentionables'.  What fun!!  The grands told me that they would not be going with me on this trip.  "Seriously, G, that's embarrassing."  All alone, I trucked over to the mall.  The store I normally go to is moving.  OK, there's about 75% of the store that's totally empty!  But hey, everything is 60% off!!  Lucky me, I found four of the bras I normally buy.  Plus two others in my size that look like they will work.  The lady at the counter says "did you try these on?  ALL SALES FINAL!"  No, I get the same ones all the time, so I know these will work.

But now I need panties, and the bin they had in my size was about the size of my refrigerator's veggie drawer and full of things I cannot imagine anyone over the age of 16 wearing!  Seriously, they call this a pair of panties??  And it was the one with the most coverage.  Do people not want their whole behind clothed anymore?  Huh.

I just cannot imagine what they are thinking... OK I will admit that the part of my body that was intended to go into that garment is too big.  For the garment, and for my size.  But people, that does not look comfortable at all.  And the rest were even worse.

So I took myself over to a major retailer hoping that they had nice, sensible cotton briefs for ladies of a certain age.  They did, but my heart did a stumble when I saw the price for a package of three pair.  OMG when did things get this expensive?  I guess if you only buy once a year, the price can really change!  Oh, did she say 25% off?  Well at least it's the price, not the amount of fabric in the item!

I thought as long as I was out I would hit one of the other major retailers in the mall.  The sales were pretty good and I picked up some sweaters at a really good price.  Also one very nice top in a navy print. 

After lunch of a giant burrito and a diet soda I tackled one more store and found two pairs of dress pants that I can wear to work after I cut four inches off the bottoms and hem them.  I do that even with the petite sizes.  Good thing I sew or I would have to pay someone else to do that. 

All in all it was a pretty good trip.  I still hate the mall.  But my annual errands are done, and barring anything unforeseen I'm good for 12 more months!

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