Monday, March 26, 2012

Phone Guy's Wife -- Sow-Along Part II

This weekend, while watching three of the grands, I still managed to add to the SOW-Along six inch squares!  I set up the machine in the kitchen, and for a few minutes they found it fascinating to watch.  Then they went outside to play.

I finished four blocks over the weekend.  Added to five I made since the last Sow-blog and I have nine new ones for a grand total of 15 blocks!  I should have this top finished by 2014...

They're all done in greens and white.  I used some of the same fabrics from the first group and some additional fabrics.  I tried to use a variety of background fabrics but I just like the way white looks with green.  A couple of blocks made with other light neutrals just didn't pop for me.

Most of these blocks are six and a quarter inches.  I discovered after blowing through the first six blocks that the blade on my quarter inch foot was bent out slightly, so I was taking too large a seam.  I guess I was too excited to check after the first one, so now I'm trying to be consistently a bit large on the seaming.  I will have to square everything up because I have a number of sizes going from 6.25 to 6.5 and all points between!

Paper pieced basket
The block at the left is paper pieced.  It's the block Bonnie Hunter designed because many of us forgot to put the handle on our basket block!  It was on the drawing but for some reason a lot of us just zoned on that piece.  This is a very nice basket, kind of different. 

The block next to it is called Basket of Flowers.  Can you see the small yellow flowers in the print? 
Basket of Flowers

The block in the middle of the third row is called broken sugar bowl.  It has four patch combinations of two kinds and some half square triangles.  I made the first set of HSTs in colors that looked too much alike, so I went back to white.  Then I sewed the block together and you almost completely lose the fact that they ARE half square triangles because they touch the four patches!  But I love the colors of that block.   

The bow tie block is made with small squares cross-sewn to two different larger squares and then placed diagonally.  I have made bow tie blocks in two other ways, so this was a new one to me. 

These colors are kind of 'jazzy'.  I love the darker print.  And I liked what happened when the zig zag print was placed in the center.  I could not have planned that if I had PLANNED that!

These are not necessarily the nice dignified prints of the first couple of squares but if I do enough of a variety it should come together.  Not all greens belong next to each other, but with some sashing to separate the blocks it should blend.

Cut Glass Dish
The square I enjoyed the most was the most surprising to me, because it was the one with the smallest pieces.  Seriously, the pieces in Cut Glass Dish are crazy small!!  Those little triangles are one inch finished.  And I was working hard to squeeze 24 of them from a tiny scrap left from a kit I cut up for one of our church charity/baby quilts.  I was really worried because I did not want to make 23 tiny squares and be short one piece... although I suppose the Amish would say that would have been my 'intentional error'.  They say only God is perfect.

Let's see, if you want a queen sized quilt and your squares are six inches finished, you have to do how many blocks???  Even with two inch sashing this is going to be a project for all summer.

If you're 'sowing' along, how are you progressing?

Keep on sewing!

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  1. Great looking bowtie centre. Love it when those happy accidents happen. Once again, a great collection of greens. Nice to know that you are already thinking ahead to the sashings!


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