Monday, March 26, 2012

How to get through doing the taxes...

Chocolate has always been one of my favorite things.  I could go for weeks without eating a cookie or a donut.  I don't enjoy sweet tea, sugared cereals or things with a ton of frosting. 

But I love chocolate!  Chocolate covered anything... well, not ANYthing, but raisins, peanuts, cereal, fruit, pretzels, any other edible dipped in chocolate and I'm right there.

This past weekend I was working on the taxes and trying to figure out what's deductible and what's not, going through the expenses for our 'rental property' - otherwise known as the other half of our townhouse.  DH has saved all the receipts for the past year.  Shoved. in. a. brown. envelope.  Grrrr.

I was getting frustrated.  I was getting a headache.  And a backache.  Oh, wait, I smell CHOCOLATE!!  Hmmm, wonder what it could be?  It was coming from the giant pile of papers near the file cabinet.  I pushed all the papers aside and what was sitting there but the red heart box of candy from Valentine's Day!  I ate one immediately.  Ahhhhh!!  OK, now the frustration was going down as the endorphins kicked in.  OMG did I just eat seven week old candy? 

Yes, and I hardly even minded at all.


Sew on!

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