Friday, August 3, 2018

Where Does The Time Go?

A few of my friends said that when I retired I would run out of things to keep me occupied.

Not so much...

It's Friday again, and I don't know where the week went.  Well, I do, and it wasn't necessarily spent on the things I had planned last week!  Again...

Working two four-hour shifts at the quilt shop took some of the time.  I finished up the last of my four knitting classes, and between those times I worked on my knitting class homework.

I now have two socks done to the point of doing the Kitchener finish on the toes.  I'll have to rewatch the YouTube video to do them.  Not that those two socks match each other!  So no, I don't have a pair of socks yet.

One sock, ready for Kitchener!

Upcoming quilt guild meetings require some prep time, and I have cut exactly ONE kit for the church group's use.  I have to get on the job here, people!

The wedding of the century is in three short weeks.  I have dresses to alter for the bride and her attendants.  They keep promising to bring them over but so far I have seen nothing.  I did hand stamp all of DD's thank you notes using my vast collection of Stampin' Up stamps and ink pads.  They want a small fortune for cards at Hallmark or wherever they sell those things, and the bridal section -- well, just forget about it!  I already spent the $$$ to buy stamps and ink, so for under $5 a pack for 25 blank notes, we did custom cards and had a fun afternoon doing it.
The completed note cards...

What happens if you don't wait long enough...
Last Sunday and Monday (for After Weekend Worship) our church guild had a little informal 'quilt show'.  We make and donate dozens of quilts throughout the year, and once a year we usurp the choir seats to display what we have in house at the time.  This year we had about three dozen to show.  We make a brief announcement of what we do and why we do it, and then ask the congregation to pray for those who will receive the quilts.  Most of them are experiencing some sort of trauma or loss, so they need prayers, along with the quilts.

The ladies who do the sewing and quilting do a tremendous job, and what we do with the scraps turns out so beautifully, I'm both proud and humbled to be part of the group.

Another week nearly gone... but a new one is coming on quickly!  Enjoy it...

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