Thursday, June 8, 2017

To Err is Human...

To really screw up, you need a computer!  

I've been trying to work on transferring my old programs and data to my new computer.  For about a year.

The data transfer program that came with my new computer didn't recognize my old computer.  I had used the same program to transfer my data to my old computer from my even older previous computer and that went just fine.  This time, not so much.  The program on my old computer says it's out of date, which shouldn't matter if I'm using the new computer with the updated program.  Or so say I.

The computers do not agree with me.

I'm not sure what to do next to solve my problems, but in the meantime I have a new computer that isn't plugged into my printer, doesn't have any of my embroidery designs on it or any of my favorites or shortcuts, and I have an old computer that decides not do things, or decides that it will do things but very slowly.  Very, very slowly.

All I can say is, where is the ten year old when you need something!  Probably playing games on her Nook. LOL!

Carry on...

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