Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday, Monday...

"can't trust that day. Monday, Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way."

What's your favorite day of the week?  I love the weekends between Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, but Sunday night has a sad flavor... I get can't go to bed-ism, because I know Monday morning I have to return to work.  :-(

I also like Tuesday because it's so much CALMER than Monday... and the food trucks show up at my work location so there's the opportunity for lunch al fresco (outside) and a variety of cuisine available.

My quilt guild meets on a Tuesday, so that's fun.  And my favorite TV show NCIS is on Tuesday too.

So I guess in order, my favorite days are Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.

Remember that old poem from Mother Goose about the day of the week on which you were born?

Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go
Friday's child is loving and giving
Saturday's child has to work for a living
But the child that's born on the Sabbath day
Is wise and kind and good and gay.

I was born on a Thursday... and I wondered what that meant so I looked it up here:

Thursday children have a long, successful life ahead of them.  Sometimes, “far to go” is interpreted as meaning a difficult path, such as children with special needs. However, traditional versions focus on the concept of positive abilities and talents that will take them far in life, rather than attributes to overcome.

My DD was born on a Friday.  My two oldest grands were born on a Thursday, like me, and my youngest was born on a Tuesday.  If grace means elegance of movement and motion like dancing, maybe not so much.  Talk about your stubbed toes and thudding around the house... but if it's grace in the sense of honoring a place with presence, then I think she fills the bill!  She has a very tender heart, which I hope she keeps forever.

I'm pretty sure my grandson was born on a Monday... and we all think he's as cute as a button except when he's pouting.

My DH commented to me while I was on vacation that he forgot what day it was because it was a day I normally went to work and I hadn't done that.  He likes his routine and he's the guy who would never forget to take the trash to the street, or to water the plants, so that was pretty funny -- he forgot and it was my fault!

Whatever day you're reading this blog, I hope it's a great one!

Sew on...

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