Wednesday, March 29, 2017

To Finish or Not to Finish... or Not to Start? What's the Question Again?


You know what that symbol means, right?  Around and around?  Refresh?  Every which way but loose? 

Or maybe running around in circles without getting anywhere!  That's where I feel like I am right now. 

Witness:  DH and I share an email address.  We've never felt it necessary to have separate emails.  He sees what I get and I see what he gets.  He's home during the day so if he's ordering something on line that is a gift for me, he can quickly move the confirmation to his own file, and I can do the same from my smart phone, so we're good.  Until now... until our insurance company won't let us both sign on with the same email so I can't pay my dental premium on line, or sign up for the prescription mail order with the same email!  Ugh.

I think I can set up an alias address but I'll need an eight year old to help me with that.  :-(

Also, my SMART phone has suddenly changed the resolution on my photos, and they're now about a billion times larger than they were a month ago.  I can't seem to find where to fix that.  Again, eight year old...

So far in 2017 my quilting projects are piling up but not too awful much is actually being finished.  I still have three quilts to do for church.  The retiring pastor will be leaving in May and I'm about half done with the top for that quilt. 

The "car" is now surrounded by road, then a band of green.  It's ready for the black and white "checkered flag" that goes next.  I need a few small panels of b&w to fill in the spaces.
Then I had a plan for red, yellow and green panels for above and below the car section but the yellow I had was not right.  On Monday I took a little lunch hour jaunt to Patched Works and came home with a better yellow.  Now to get some time in the sewing room!
Here are a few pathetic finishes...
Did I post the picture of Baby Owen wearing the sweater I made?  He's so adorable!  And he does look happy and warm, doesn't he?

The Favorite Strip Quilt was finished by my friend Suzi the Quilter, and returned to the LCQG meeting. I'm counting that as a finish -- one!! One down, I have no idea how many to go.  The problem seems to be, to paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, I don't care what's on the list now, I'm thinking about what ELSE could be on the list!

I also have in process a quilt for the Little Lambs nursery; progress so far:  Purchase fabric, and think about quilt designs.

For the Teen Ranch donation quilt, fabric has been pulled, design is done, a few flying geese units are done and more are cut out. 

I guess I need a couple of additional projects and a deadline or two!

Easter is coming up in a few weeks.  The other day my daughter said "Let's go out to brunch instead of making all that mess in the kitchen on Easter".  Wow!  I guess she doesn't want her dad to have to wash all those dishes!  That's OK, my favorite thing to make for dinner is reservations.  :-)

Sew on...

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