Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Gray Hair...

When my mother was alive she used to joke about her children giving her gray hair. 

She had eight children but she never did have a LOT of gray hair.  She had one small patch of gray that kind of blossomed up near where she parted it.  Her hair was a medium brown, and it got a little lighter in summer, because she spent a lot of time outdoors.

Her mom had salt and pepper hair, that is, that lovely dark brown almost black, and streaks of white throughout.  Think Clooney or Dempsey...

So when my aunt said to me, you DO have gray hair, in a very surprised tone of voice while we were sitting on the patio one day, I wasn't surprised at all, except that she had just noticed it.  Maybe it was the sunshine we were sitting in.

I love the color gray.  Well, it isn't really one color, is it?

 Pantone says not... they have a whole group of grays, everything from darkest charcoal to the lightest shade of off-white.

One of those paint companies has this lovely assortment, from neutral to blue-toned to pink tinted.

Gray in nature is everywhere.  Consider granite and marble.  I love gray marble countertops.  Some day I might have that in my kitchen.  SOME day...

But back to my hair.  When one of the grands was small we were discussing haircolor and she said that I had "sparkly ones".

I like sparkle... I can live with sparkly hair.  There are lots of beautiful people with sparkly hair.  It's not really gray, it's more like silver.  Yeah, silver, that's better!

I don't know who Liz is, maybe I should, but I'm with her...


Sew on...

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