Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Quilt Show in Jackson WI

I stumbled across another quilt show in SE Wisconsin last weekend.  I was looking for information on where you can rent time on a long arm quilting machine, which led me to a quilt shop in Elkhorn WI, which led me to the quilt show in Jackson WI!

Serendipity.  Gotta love it!

I texted my friend Suzi and we made a tentative date to go on Sunday.

With my upcoming (at the time) milestone birthday approaching, Saturday was kind of chaotic with kids and grands in and out, lunch making and card reading, and all that, so by Sunday I was ready for some quilty goodness.

The drive to Jackson is normally easy but there was a bit of drama at the first major merge we passed, because a squad car had someone pulled over and one of those "I gotta get there no matter what get out of my (*&*ing way" people went tearing by.  You know what I mean...

NOT southeast Wisconsin, and the jam wasn't nearly this bad!
The show was at the Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School, a beautiful building.  Students from the school provided lunch and refreshments.  It was just a perfect setting.

I have to say the ladies in the It's A Stitch guild did a wonderful job on the show!  It was so well organized, everything from scissors sharpening to Grannie's Attic resale was available.  And the quilts on display were amazing.  I left feeling inadequate.  Again.

Warning!! Check the ball & chain.

For the price of admission we got three free patterns and all the eye candy you could take in.  One beauty after another was displayed.  We even managed to catch one of the bed peels (there were two on Sunday), and I can't begin to tell you how inspired we both were to bring back ideas for both our guilds and our personal sewing.  I didn't learn until later that the trunk show was done by Kathy Doman of the Quilt Factory.  We came in when the show was already in progress.

We looked at all the vendor booths, picked up a thing or two at Grannie's Attic, where a bag of laces and ribbons, a couple of Christmas napkins to embroider, and a chunk of fabric with apples in the print set me back $3.

Bag of lace, 2/3 yard of fabric, and a roll of lace.  $2.
Napkins to embroider.  $1.


Then we managed to get Suzi to try a long arm quilting machine from

which is the shop whose web site I stopped at originally that started this little junket!  The machines were wonderful and the stuff that Suzi was doodling, even though it was her first time, looked amazing!  Maybe someday, right?  And interestingly the shop owner was another Sue.  Go figure!

We saw a couple of ladies from our own guild there.  Everyone enjoyed the show very much and I'm putting it on my calendar for next year too.  Although they may also have a winter show, I'll have to do some research. 

I'm looking forward to leaving on Thursday for Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam.  I signed up for a class with Mary Fons, and I'm anticipating that a good time will be had by all.  How can it be otherwise.

Sew on...

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