Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lying About Your Age

After the quilt show last Sunday, my aunt and I went to Noodles for lunch.  If you've never been to Noodles you should try it.  Everything's on -- well, noodles.  Or pasta if you prefer.  Although they do have some salads and sandwiches if you are with someone who really doesn't want to eat noodles... but then maybe you should lunch somewhere else.

Anyway we were discussing the important issues of the day, like world peace, clean houses and shoes.  The question of health insurance came up.  Yeah, I think we were talking doctors or medical tests or something. 

I've always been on my DH's plan, because he always had free coverage, and really good stuff too, with his former employer.  When he retired, the coverage continued to be free.  Then he went on Medicare, but my coverage continued, although for the past two years we've had to pay part of the premium.

With one of those milestone birthdays coming up, I received a letter from said insurance company saying that my coverage will end the last day of the month preceding my birthday because -- wait for it -- I will be ELLIGIBLE for MEDICARE!

OMG...  My aunt's eyes got really big and she said "You're going to be 65?"

I said "Yes, I am."

I have never lied about my age... not ever.  Although I did consider it when I was 59 and you could take sewing classes at WCTC for $6 if you were 62.  But really, what's the point?  Maybe if you're a year below the drinking age, and I'm WAY past that.  It's just a number, like your shoe size or your height.  (Not going to the weight thing, I lie about that ALL THE TIME.)

My grandmother used to say you're not old until you hit 100.  I always believed her.  It's more a matter of attitude than years.

My aunt looked at me incredulously and said "You're lying!"

Sadly, no...

Live on and enjoy every minute...

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