Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Craft Lovers, Unite! We're Expanding Our Skills...

I can't decide which craft activity is my favorite.  I love to:
  • sew garments
  • make quilt tops
  • knit
  • crochet
  • bead
  • make cards
  • draw
  • color with crayons or other medium
  • paint things like small furniture items, fabric or paper
  • dye things
  • embellish things
  • refashion things
I sometimes wonder if there's anything I won't try at least once.  I tried flower pounding at a quilt shop years ago.  Smashing the leaves and petals into treated fabric made interesting designs, but I thought it was a lot of work for results that could be less than stellar.  Although it was a very good way to work off some calories, and maybe some aggressive tendencies!  If you're interested there was actually a booklet on the subject... try googling it to see if it's still in print.

Pounded flowers from someone else's project.  Mine looked nowhere near this good!!

socks I knit...

Miss A and I colored on fabric with markers.

I refashioned a jacket and got many more uses out of it!

I love doing these mindless art projects.
all my yarn ends made a warm couch blanket.

The girls painted rocks...

and I painted a flower pot.

My problem is, where do you stash all the craft supplies?  My resource center is kinda bulging.

However, I justify what I'm doing by the following list from Highlights Magazine's website:

Here are just some of the developmental skills your preschooler learns while working on crafts:

1. Following Directions

2. Focus and Concentration 

3. Fine Motor Skills 

4. Patience -- personal note:  I am still working on this!!

5. Early Problem Solving Skills 

So really, I'm contributing to my own education every time I start a new project, right??

Craft on...

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