Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January Temperatures and January Projects

It's COLD people!  Today's weather is just more of the same depressing winter stuff we've had for a couple of weeks.  Well, at least the temp today was above zero when I left the house this morning...  I guess we should be glad of that.  And I'm so thankful that we're not having the blizzard conditions that exist in some places.

Our normal high is 30. Today's current temp is 21 with a wind chill that makes it feel like 13. 

I'd be happier if they didn't TELL me the wind chill.

DH takes Miss E to school in his car because she says the bus in the morning is "gross".  Miss A does take the bus.  However, she stands inside until she sees it coming down the cross street to pick up the girl who boards before her, then she runs to the end of the driveway.  And if she missed it, the bus comes back down our short block again in a few minutes.  This is because they have one more pickup around the corner and they return on our street to take the shortest route to school.

I remember a winter where I took a bus to work downtown and stood on a street corner in a blizzard waiting for the "Freeway Flyer".  The FF runs only during rush hours, and only from downtown to designated parking lots called Park and Ride lots.  You leave your car in the designated lot, ride the bus back and forth and enjoy the commute.  In theory.

Actually I liked taking the Flyer.  I read books on the bus.  You weren't supposed to eat on the bus but if you were discrete you could grab a granola bar to tide you over 'til you got to the coffee stand.  I didn't knit on the bus like some other people, but I supposed I could have!  Now I am so far off the route that I'd have to take another bus to get to the place where I'd catch the Flyer, and on the home end, I've got an equal number of miles off the bus as I've have on it.

Knitting on the bus in Israel.  Making an oozy cover??

I'm working on a list of projects this month, a few of them are knit so I could have gotten at least a half hour in each way!  But that's not happening...

Here's my list:

The purple and blue stripes at the bottom of the sweater for Miss A. 
  • Rainbow striped cardigan for Miss A.  I have the back done and the fronts nearly so.  Two sleeves and the neck ribbing and it's done.
  • Knitted Tea Cozy for a gift.  Made one for myself as a test and it turned out so cute!

Knitted tea cozy.  Keepin' the brew hot!

  • The Lily Quilt has to be sandwiched and quilted before the baby goes to college.
  • Turning 39 quilt needs borders.  It's hanging on my design wall taking up space until that gets done because if I take it down, that will be the end of it for years!
  • Cutting up a kit for a quilt for my son.  I have a pile of fabric staring at me.  Of course I have to sew the thing after that!
  • Finish sock number two of the pair I started before Christmas.  I actually cast on the second sock and knit about an inch.
First sock, half finished.  It's all done.  Sorry about the bad lighting.  It's a WILD color combo!

  • I need to get the hang of my Sizzix machine so I can replenish my birthday card supply! I'm hopefully getting some help in that effort soon.
  • Need to sort and store the finished doll clothes (18" sized) that I didn't sell at craft fairs.  I should really find some outlet for those, but not everything is photographed, so there would be a lot of setup to that.  It's low on the priority list until someone tells me they want something!
  • I want to make myself at least two new tops and two pairs of pants because Nancy's Notions Sewing Weekend is coming up and I want to wear something I've made this year.
  • Finish the Christmas Quilts from like four years ago.  They just need to be quilted.  (my favorite job -- NOT!)

Fleece robes for the dollies.  I also have PJs and other things in process, and a ton of stuff done.

 OK now that I've made the list public, maybe I can make myself get them done!  Fingers crossed!

Sew and knit on...

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