Monday, June 8, 2015

Too Much Stuff!!

A while back I was blogging about the amount of yarn I have in my stash.  I should have quit while I was ahead!

Remember those hanging yarn stash shelves I bought to keep things straight?  I filled up four and still had overflow...

The worst happened.  On Sunday afternoon there was a loud THUMP from upstairs.  The hubster went up to see what happened.  He came back down and said "I shouldn't have gone up there".
So I went up to see.  The closet pole and shelf had come down.  ALL THAT YARN was spread out on the bedroom floor.  
To be fair, he didn't say too many bad words in my hearing.  He helped me stack it all up and pulled out the shelf unit.  He said "I can put this back up, I'll just need a few more anchors."
Well what do you know?  He's getting kinda mellow in his old age!  So now he has a pretty good idea of how much yarn I really have.  Well, not really... there's the stuff in the basement.  And in the downstairs hall closet.  And in the -- never mind!
I need to start moving this stuff.  I probably can't knit or crochet fast enough to get rid of it in my lifetime.  I should offer some of it for sale, and/or give some of it away.  Of course mitten season and doll sweater season are coming again, but really, I think I have learned a lesson.  Too much is too much!

How many of these does it take to make

a nice sofa afghan?
Knit on...

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