Monday, December 14, 2015

The Quilt Guild Challenge!!

Last Tuesday night our local quilt guild had the annual Christmas party and a local restaurant.  We had a lovely meal and the ladies on the committee did a bang up job of decorations and games.

The table toppers were given out as door prizes.  All but the last winner got to choose which table topper they wanted to take home.  The one I made

went to someone who seemed very excited to get it.  I'm so pleased!

We all brought a half yard of fabric in a brown paper bag.  When game time came, everyone picked a bag, sight unseen.  We opened them, looked at them, and put them back into the bags.  One of the organizers read a short story about Christmas using the words left and right a lot.  Each time she said left, the bags were passed to the left.  Each time she said right, well you get it...

The fabrics are to be made into something between now and our April meeting.  Here's the one I ended up with...

Now I just have to think of a project to use it in.
Christmas is 11 days away and I'm not done shopping or knitting or sewing.  I've stayed up too late too many nights this month.  Why doesn't someone tell me Christmas is coming much sooner than I realize it??   LOL!!
Lots of my presents look like this:

or this:

But at least the tree is up!!

Happy holidays!

Keep calm and carry on....


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