Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cutting Edge

Yesterday I was remembering my maternal grandparents in a particularly sentimental way... my grandmother was a homemaker who gave birth to 13 children and raised 11 to adulthood.  My mother was fourth from youngest, so my gram was already 'older' when I was born.  Mom's oldest brother was married before she was born, and I had several cousins who already had children of their own.

My grandmother passed away in 1968 and my grandfather in 1975.

My grandmother doing a crossword puzzle in her sunroom.

What made me nostalgic this time was a pair of dull scissors.


Yes. Dull scissors. 

Now I would NEVER let a pair of scissors get this bad!  Although I have seen a few pairs like this sitting around shops or garages.  It makes me shudder.

I had given Princess E a sewing kit including a nice pair of Kai sheers, or what I thought was a nice pair, but it turned out that they were dull and had a little nick in the lower blade.  (I'm not even guessing how that could have happened...)  Just last month I had seen an ad for scissors sharpening at the Ben Franklin near me, but the timing was totally off.  You never see the ad BEFORE you discover the dire need...

Which brought me around to my grandparent.  My gramps was a master carpenter, and he had his own little shop after he retired, in a converted garage behind their house.  He sharpened knives and scissors and saws in addition to building lawn furniture and picnic tables.  He believed that sharp tools worked better and were safer.  He would have fixed up my scissors in no time flat.

I gave the Princess a different pair of scissors and took back the dull ones.  I'm watching for the ad again.

It's not like I actually NEED them... how many pairs of scissors do I have anyway?  Well, how many do YOU have???  LOL!

I have Gingers (two pairs), Kai (two, including the dull ones), Fiskars (three large, two small), applique scissor (two), curved and straight small scissors of various manufactures, and about a half dozen pairs of the one dollar and two dollar kinds you get at the hardware store.  Not counting pinking shears, buttonhole scissors and those cute little stork scissors.  To say nothing of nippers, clippers, and seam rippers!

I think I'm well equipped in the cutting department!

I even have one pair of Fiskars that was used to cut floor tile, but that is a story for another post!

Sew on...

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