Thursday, October 29, 2015

Going Back to School?

My youngest granddaughter, Miss A, loves to play school.  In fact, to her it's probably more than play, it's pretty serious business to judge by what I overhear while she's playing on my basement steps, next to my sewing studio.
All the supplies are there, including a beverage for the teacher.

She was going through an exercise in why small words are important...
See, if you know the little ones, (note 'and many more') some day you'll learn to spell Mississippi!
We have lots of dolls and bears and one bunny, so there are many students who attend school here!

On the day in question, she was working on spelling and reading.  Other days she works on math.  I never met a girl so crazy about school!  She's in third grade, but I believe I've probably said this before, would probably prefer to be running the school she attends. Unlike her older sister who thinks school is a punishment inflicted upon her by parents and grandparents to keep her from sleeping and texting.

Oh to be that young again.  Did I say that?  NOT IN A MILLION YEARS would I go back and do my life again.  I have no regrets but I'm thankful to be where I am right now.

Of course if I win the lottery, that could change...

Sew on...

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