Friday, August 14, 2015

Partway to Pants Goal

Went into the sewing room while DH watched the first Packer preseason football game... and I found some of my pants fabric.  I ran the cut edges through the serger and washed and dried the pieces.

I'm starting with these four fabrics.  Any more than that might result in no sewing actually happening because there are too many choices.

Top:  Lightweight olive green bought at Vogue in Evanston, IL, who knows when.
Next layer:  Darker green twill from Gayfeathers in Madison
Next layer:  Gray softer pants weight, sort of suede-finished also from Gayfeathers
Bottom:  Aqua denim from the Sewing and Quilt Expo in Schaumburg last spring

I think I'm going to start with the bottom fabric and work up the pile because I have lots of tops that will coordinate with those two... once I get to the olive, the choices are more limited.

I pulled boxes of patterns but can't locate the one I want.  I found the master pattern but I know I have pieces traced off and folded up in a baggie or envelope somewhere.

If I don't find them, I can always trace off another copy, make the adjustments I know I have to make, and store them somewhat more intuitively this time!  (Like with the master pattern, maybe?  Duh-O!)

Sew on...

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