Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Princess and The Little Quilt

 Once upon a time there was a new baby in the family.  The grandmother made the baby a small quilt.  It was quite lovely, all primary colors and pretty prints interspersed with white blocks.

From the time she was very small, the baby loved the little quilt.  She carried it with her everywhere.  It went with her to preschool and kindergarten.  It went with her to Sunday School.  It went on all the overnight trips and camping and vacations. 
It was WELL loved.  It got dirty and was washed many times.  The little girl loved the fresh smell it had after washing.  It became very soft.  The softness was much loved by the little girl, and as she grew she touched it and touched it, making it even softer.
The grandmother, seeing that the little quilt was starting to get tired and worn, made another, very much like the first one, even using some of the same fabrics.  She gave it to the little girl.
"It's nice, but it's not soft!" said the little girl.
The grandmother said, "If you use it, it will GET softer."
"Oh but this one is ALREADY soft, and I love it" said the little girl.
<Sigh> said the mother and grandmother.
The quilt developed a few holes and a few torn spots.  "It's OK, my grandmother can fix you" said the little girl.  The grandmother sewed on some patches, and put on a new binding and a new backing.  "Make it soft!" said the little girl.
The quilt and the little girl grew older.  The quilt went with the little girl to first and second grade.  The quilt went with her to the doctor's office and to the hospital.  "I love this little quilt" said the girl
"I know" said the grandmother, "but she's getting old and I won't always be able to fix her".
"Yes, you can," said the little girl.  "I will help you pick out some patches."
<Sigh> said the mother and grandmother.
Oh dear, how can I fix this big tear, thought the grandmother.  This girl loves this quilt and will not accept a replacement.  She knows it won't last forever, even though she wants it to...

The grandmother found pieces of fleece and covered the big holes.  The patches had worn off on the front, and it was becoming harder and harder to find places to sew more patches.  In some places the poor little quilt consisted only of the backing, and the seams where quilting had been done. 

But still, the girl LOVED the little quilt.  You could see it on her face when she supervised the repairs!  "My grandmother can fix ANYTHING" she would say.
"And look, I like this hole.  I can use it to help me carry my little quilt when my hands are full!" she proudly told her grandmother.

The grandmother thought, thank goodness for little girls who love little quilts.  It makes what I do have meaning.  It's why I sew, for love.

And they all lived happily ever after, since the patches are holding for now.

Sew on...

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