Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Reading in the Summer

My gal Rita Farro, over at Rita's Sew Fun blog (link to the lower right corner in my blog roll) blogged today about summer reading.  Go, Rita!  Turns out she and I love some of the same writers.

I heartily agree with her opinion of public libraries.  She loves them; I love them.  I was just visiting my local public library last night.  We have our local quilt guild meeting there once a month, and it's the perfect time to stop in, pick up reserved books, and drop off the ones that are done.

I'm currently listening to some books on tape in my car by M.C. Beaton, they're mysteries set in the highlands of Scotland with a hero named Hamish McBeth.

I also like to buy books at the Goodwill.  Nothing beats the joy of owning a good book at a bargain price.  However, sometimes the girls and I do buy books at regular bookstores.  My daughter and I did the BN thing when she was younger.  We would go to the bookstore, browse around and get a pile, then go to the coffee bar and make our buy or not buy decisions while enjoying an overpriced beverage.  I do the same thing now only it's with three girls instead of one.

Miss A recently got herself a library card.  She was so excited, she said she's going to go to the library EVERY DAY THIS SUMMER!  When I told her that would not be possible, she said "No problem, Gramma, Grampa will just drive me over there!"

Love the enthusiasm...  and just think, they have gazillions of books, and they want you to read them ALL!

As to authors, here are some of my favorites... I have a bookshelf in my bedroom of books I purchased to read, or books that were gifts, or books that were passed over to me by my reading friends with whom I share.

I also love James Patterson, James Lee Burke, John Sanford, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, Anne Perry, Anita Shreve, Sue Grafton, David McCullough, Doris Kerns Goodwin, oh my goodness I could go on and on.

Here's what I have read this past six months:

And what I want to read this year that I own:

My daughter gifted me with Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard.  She knows I love history and the civil war period, and am a great admirer of Mr. Lincoln.  I think she was trying also to prove to me that Mr. O'Reilly is not as big a buffoon as he appears to be on TV, but that jury is still out.

And of course I have a full library of books related to my hobbies...  Can't resist the brightly colored photos.  Good for dreaming over when you're considering a new project, or twelve.

 I even keep my eyes open for used books, especially the classics:

 Read on...

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