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Threads Post - Common Objects with Sewing Uses


As defined by

  • Small items used in sewing, such as pins or needles.

Recently I read an article in Threads Magazine about ordinary objects that have unexpected uses in the sewing room.  Here's a link to read it for yourself:  Threads article

It was interesting to me that I am currently using a couple of these myself and two actually made me say "AH HA!... what a great idea!"

The ones I have used:

  • Forceps or hemostats can be purchased on Amazon or from local medical supply places, or you can ask your nurse or doctor friends if they can bring you discards (not straight from the operating room!)  They make great grabbers for all sorts of task, like getting out the pin that broke or turning small pieces right side out.
  • Painters tape was kind of a natural since it leaves no residue on fabric or anything else.  It makes for nice straight lines, and if you're coloring or painting on fabric, it's a no brainer for resist areas or taping down stencils.
  • Interdental brushes -- In my humble opinion, the more often you clean the lint out of your sewing machine the better it will run.  I use several things to do this but one thing I never do is blow into any machine.  That puts moisture in where there are metal parts.  I do use q-tips and GUM mini-brushes to pull the lint out, and a small lambs wool duster to gather the big pieces up.

  • Chopsticks are good pushers, and I like the wooden ones.  If you hit them with a needle, there's no breakage -- at least of the needle.  Plus they are cheap and plentiful if you eat Chinese food as often as I do!
The ones I said AH HA to:

  • Wooden spoon:  using the handle of the wooden spoons in my kitchen to keep from ironing the impression of the seam allowance into the side seams of the pants I make?  Priceless!

  • Silicon mat:  they go into the oven, so why not use them with your iron to keep things from burning, like your fingers?  That's one of those why didn't I think of it things...

The one I said no to:
  • Using an exacto-knife blade anywhere.  I don't care how careful you are, you are going to cut something with it that shouldn't be cut.  Like your fingers.  Or your hand.  Ask me how I know that...
All in all, it was a good article to read and think about.  There are things like binder clips and pony tail holders and empty mayonnaise jars

and a gazillion other things that could also be on the list, but this is a good start.

Thank you, Threads editors.  Thinking outside the

Sew on...

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