Monday, April 13, 2015

Managing the Stash. Or Not.

Spring is always a great time in southern Wisconsin.  The sewing expos start popping up after the holidays, and people cannot WAIT to get outside after being cooped up by all the snow and cold.

My friend Marlene called me a couple of months ago and asked if I was interested in going to Schaumburg IL for Sewing Expo.

I know, I know, I do not need any more fabric.  Or notions, or patterns. 
Need has NOTHING to do with it.  You know I'm right.
Since the University of Wisconsin announced that they are not holding the expo at Platteville, I've been kind of mourning the loss.  The organizers always seemed to find fun local shops to come in and display their wares and you discover new places to put on your 'shop hop' maps.

Do not get me wrong, I still L.O.V.E. Sewing Weekend in Beaver Dam.  It has maintained most of its quality even after the sale of Nancy's Notions to the parent company of Babylock.  But once a year is not enough.  (This year it's May 7-8-9.  You should go.  Seriously, you should!)

(I think I blogged last year about the local transportation for Sewing Weekend.  I'm trying to slim down a little -- my purse and TOTE bag, that is! -- in order to get through that bus aisle faster.)

But I digress.   We needed some sewing girl time.  So south we ventured...  I have to say I was a tad bit disappointed in the Schaumburg show, as were my enablers companions.  Not too much variety, and not too much in the way of garment sewing. 

Not to fear, I did attend one pants fitting lecture which I liked, and I found some fabric... I was home by dinner time on Saturday and washed my pieces in preparation for some garment sewing this coming week.  Keep your fingers crossed, this year I might even wear something I made to Sewing Weekend!

Sew on!!

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