Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Non-Sewing Activities

Saturday my friend Suzi, my oldest granddaughter and I went to visit a lady from our congregation who is in a nursing home recovering from a stroke.  We dropped in with a quilt from the church guild and to offer her a small bit of comfort and love from those who miss seeing her on Sunday morning.

We chose this quilt to deliver.  I'm not sure why, maybe it was the brightness or the quilting or just because it was near the top of the pile.

It must have been meant to be because Janice was wearing a tee shirt in a flowered print with yellow in it.  She smiled a lot when we laid it in her lap.  We told her how much love came with it, and prayed with her that it would aid in her recovery.

She struggled to say something, not because she was choked up, even though she was, but as a result of the stroke she struggles to say anything.  It's frustrating to be unable to convey even the simplest ideas, and my heart just broke for her.  I'm sure she's getting therapy but she's not really able to visit back.  I pray we brought her some enjoyment!

I'm determined to put visiting her again on my list of things to do.  I might find something interesting to read to her next time.

As we were leaving the building we spotted a resale shop we'd never seen before.  We decided to drop in and see what they had.  Kind of restoring the heart after feeling so sad for Janice.

Here are my most favorite finds:

This beautiful bowl is now on my cabinet with fresh fruit in it.

I cannot resist lilies of the valley.  Born in May, it's 'my' flower.
So all in all it was a good day.  My granddaughter found some neat stuff both at the resale shop and at the Ben Franklin Crafts store.  We had a nice lunch and got home before the snowstorm.

Oh yeah, it snowed.  And snowed.  And blew around.

Here's my parking lot today:

Sew on...