Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One More Finished

This is the fastest finish in my recorded history!

My aunt She-Who-Doesn't-Sew was talking about beds about a month ago and said she needed a lighter quilt for her bed in the summer.  My other aunt had a pile of blue fabric pulled out of her stash, and SWDS said she didn't care what the pattern was, so we cut blocks of blue.  I should say I cut, because I'm the designated cutter.

When we had a pile, I said I think I have the perfect pattern at home, blue and white, blue blocks surrounded by white, bound in blue, and asked what she thought of that.

Sounds fine.

The next day I dug out the white and started cutting.  We were going to work on it on Fridays but I needed to see whether it was enough white.  I started sewing.  by the end of the day, a top was finished.

I blogged about it then.  Here's the top, unpressed and tossed over the back of my couch.

The next week I took it to Friday night and we layered it with batting and backing.  I took it home because I couldn't convince anyone else to do it.  Our expert quilter had a ton of work to do and couldn't get to it for a while.

I was talking about trying to quilt it myself at church the next Sunday.  The lady who does the quilting for our group has been taking lessons at WCTC from a teacher named Chris Kirsch.  She's been really enjoying the classes and she does a beautiful job. 

She offered to quilt my quilt.  Bless her heart!  It was made for a full sized be with a 12 inch drop all around to be used as a bedspread type of cover.  I offered to pay her but she said no -- she was doing it for enjoyment.  I will find some way to repay her.  (I have been helping her layer and pin her own personal work for the last couple of weeks, trying to work off the debt I owe her!)

She gave it back to me this week and last night I got it bound.  DONE!! WHOO HOO!!

I sewed a label on the back with blue thread in the bobbin... I carefully placed it so it's in the middle of one of the blue squares and you cannot tell from the front where it is.  I should have sewed it into the binding but I didn't think that far ahead.  I hand wrote it with a sharp permanent marker.

I just have to deliver it now.  I'm sure she'll be thrilled, I am completely impressed with the finished product if I do say so myself.  I think Suzi's quilting was the frosting on the cake.  Or maybe the whole cake!!

Sew on...