Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One Way Conversations, Or Talking to Yourself?

Do you ever talk to yourself?

I do. Some days more than others. Some days no one else is listening. Some days I get the best answers from myself.

I try to have patience with people with whom I have actual conversations. But sometimes it's hard because there isn't the best connection. Like when I say something to one of the grands, but I use a word they don't know, and there's no reference point. You have to go back and explain. Then the conversation can move forward.

Or so you hope.

Email has made conversations less frequent, and often less necessary. This can be rather sad sometimes.

I had a recent e-correspondence with someone who was multi-tasking. They sent an email about one subject, which I was answering. Meanwhile, they were on to a different topic, and sent another email with a very similar topic, and RE: in the subject. You know, that reference to a previously held conversation.

My mind was still on the first topic. So I answered with reference to topic 1, and they responded with another question -- like "What? You said what now??" -- and I had a little side conversation with myself that went something like "And did you even READ my answer to your first question??"

Lucky for me, I didn't write and send that!

So I went back and read thoroughly through the email trail, and realized I was actually in two conversations with one person, and obviously not keeping up.

How much better did you like it before emailing, texting, Facebooking, and Twittering were the only way people communicated?  I don't mind emailing, or texting, or whatever.  But often the conversation would be better and maybe quicker, and certainly clearer, if it were on the phone or in person.

Face to face, you can see body language and expressions.  You get the whole effect.  You can read between the words.  Optimal, but not always possible.

If you call a person on the phone, the question gets answered or the topic gets discussed in a flow. Not always uninterrupted, but at least you're both in the same place in the conversation at the same time. So if someone does interrupt, or introduces a new topic, you have half a chance to follow along. Making rude conversations with yourself all but unnecessary.

Or one could hope.

Which is maybe why I like blogging. Stream of consciousness or writing because you are impelled to do so, on topic or just at random is more calming than trying to have multiple conversations at once, and sometimes with more than one person!

Call me old fashioned. Call me techno-challenged. Just call me!

Sew on...