Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Catching up on Project Runway

I watched the first Project Runway All-Stars that I ever watched.  I recorded it, just in case I liked this version, sans Klume.  I have to say, Alysa Milano is so darned cute.  I love watching her.  And she's so not "the fashion world".  She's just like us, looking at the world of fashion trying to decide what she likes.

Of course she's beautiful and shapely and young, so not exactly just like us... but I digress.

It was a punk challenge.  Design an outfit that Debbie Harry of Blondie would like.  I love Debbie Harry, and I loved the music of Blondie.  Actually, I never thought of them as punk.  Shows what I know!

So Ali, who used to be Andy, was sent packing.  I liked the outfit but the judges said 'not punk enough'.

When I think of punk, I think Seth Aaron and Jeffrey.  Neither one was the winner.

Elena won, her first win ever.  It was a smash, the jacket, of various colors and worn backwards, was gorgeous.  Go, Elena!

Sew on!