Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Slipper Update...

Update to the grandson's slippers -- they are done...well except for the weaving in of the ends. They are so cute in camo!

A woman at church had seen me knitting and asked about them.  Her husband wants some.  When he saw the picture of the camo slippers he said 'those are exactly what I need!  I'll take two!'  We giggled because he meant two slippers and I thought he meant two pairs...

So now I have to knit an adult sized pair.  I think I will knit them both on the same set of needles because my main problem with making two of anything is always getting them exactly the same.

I'm going to use my yarn winder to make cakes instead of balls 

so I can use both ends of the cake for one slipper and both ends of a second cake for the second slipper.  Cakes have the advantage of not rolling around.  And since I bought the winder, I probably should use it!  (I used to own a knitting machine so it came in handy, but the machine took up too much space and the shuttles were too heavy to work comfortably so I sold it.)

I made a second girlie pair.  The picture looks pink but they are actually two shades of red, garnet and chardonnay.  I added a pompom.

Sew on!